Cataract Surgery Re-Visited: Part 2

I left you last night with some thoughts following my afternoon’s cataract surgery.  I dutifully applied my plastic eye shield before bedtime, and upon awakening inserted a drop of Durezol as directed.  To Starbucks of course for a cup of half-decaf and some reading about longevity before heading over for my morning one day post-op visit but oops — what’s that reflection I see in the window?  Am I diplopic at distance?


No, thankfully.  OD/OS/OU it’s all the same – the one time it’s good for a double image to be a pane.  Over to Phillips Eye Center, and nothing but good news to report!  It appears that I have a bionic right eye.  Haven’t seen as clearly/brightly at distance in quite some time.  Though a bit disconcerting at first, I seem to be adapting nicely and rapidly to a greater range of “monovision” than I had before.


Though while we’re at it, “monovision” is a terrible term for seeing relatively more clearly with one eye at distance and the fellow eye at near.  What it really should be called is “uni-clarity”, because there is full fusion of real-world stimuli at most distances, so there’s nothing “mono” about vision other than clarity.  Just sayin’ …

Be that as it may, here is this morning’s auto-refractor:


Love seeing those repeatable readings!  Don’t let the plus cylinder fool you.  It’s  -0.75-1.00 cx 23, but my unaided distance VA is 20/15.  The newly minted right lens is an Alcon monofocal wavefront, same lens type and power as implanted in  my left eye five years ago.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are now as many models for calculating target IOL power for patients having undergone LASIK as there are meteorology models for predicting snowfall.  My superb surgeon used a combination of the ORA model and the Haigis Formula, and as he’ll tell you we got lucky – which is always better than simply being good.  (If you’re interested in a nice review of the whole Hodge-podge, take a look at this article.)

Well, I’m very pleased thus far.  Hadley suggested I add a drop of Ilevro along with the Durzol, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory being a nice complement to the steroid for the first couple of weeks.  Though I still can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, driving is fine, reading is fine, blogging is fine, and I’ll be back in the office seeing patients tomorrow.  And while we’re at it, what do we really mean by “seeing” patients?  (Just kidding, I think …)

7 thoughts on “Cataract Surgery Re-Visited: Part 2

  1. whats your over refraction subjectively? How much anisometropia do you have between the two eyes now to give you uni clarity? whats your near and distance stereo? congrats on experiencing such happiness and success and thanks for the share. Lynn Marran

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