Smart Eyeglasses


You’ve heard about the concept of adaptive optics?  A Wall Street Journal article two days ago does a nice job of framing the discussion about adaptive or so-called “smart” eyeglasses.  Be sure to watch the video clip — though the eyewear looks like a clunker, the research team has a novel approach to the lens design, and is working on sleeker eyewear.  The lens provides variable magnification, and can update itself by syncing to a smart phone app.

The central part of the lens (the bossed piston) is transparent and unobstructed; therefore the piston actuators are placed along the lens periphery. The piston moves up and down driven by piezoelectric bimorph actuators. The points of contact of the bimorphs with the piston define the backside plane of the liquid lens.


The magnification does look a bit fish-bowl-ish, though appearances can be misleading.


So here are target object photos taken through the variable focus lens at (a) −1.2 diopter (b) + 3 diopter


More technical info from the original article published in the January 17 issue of Optical Express. The lens optical power, Popt is adjusted by vertically displacing the fluid, deflecting the top membrane thus changing its curvature.


Technology worth keeping an eye on …


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