Give Robert Nurisio An Audience


It’s hard to believe that only eight years have passed since Robert Nurisio achieved the level of Certified Optometric Vision Therapist.  Hard to believe in the sense that Robert has  become so active and visible within the COVD family, and through his blog.  You can get a flavor of how well-situated Robert is to share his perspectives from listening to this podcast interview with him last year.

I was therefore delighted to learn that Robert has embarked on a kickstarter campaign to fund a book through which he will share his experiences and perspectives.

kickstarter-logoRobert’s  goal is to write a book which offers parents, as well as current and potential patients, a window into how Vision Therapy looks from the perspective of a seasoned and insightful vision therapist.  In his words: “Vision Therapy is magnificent, and its benefits far reaching. The more we work to demystify and educate, the more powerful our message becomes.”

The campaign is off to a good start but frankly, we have to do much more.  Only 20 people have donated so far, and Robert needs more help in order to be able to give an audience to his voice in print.  His message will be influential, powerful, and benefit your practice directly whether you are a therapist or a doctor.  If you’re a parent and wanted to help demystify the experience for others, now is your chance.  So what are you waiting for?


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