A Classy Way to Retire


Not sure if you’ve heard of this before, but it caught my eye as a very classy thing to do.  This photo is of my old PCO class of 1977 classmate, Alex R. Crinzi, O.D., who wore a tuxedo to examine patients on this last day in the office at Eye Care Professionals of Western New York.  I don’t recall having spoken with Alex since the day we graduated, but he displayed a certain dignity and maturity as a student that clearly has stayed with him all these years.

It is hard to believe that as we enter the New Year it will be 40 years since our class embarked on our respective careers in Optometry.  Though I’m not generally disposed toward attending reunions, I’m making an exception for the gathering we’ll have to mark the occasion at this year’s AOA meeting in Washington, D.C. in June.  It’ll be nice to raise a glass to the profession that has been so good to us.

6 thoughts on “A Classy Way to Retire

  1. I wore a beaded evening gown to see hospital patients one day, and no one said anything. I am still wondering what that means…

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