Oliver Sacks: The Last Interview

As much as we try to partition our personal and professional lives, they invariably cross paths.  When one loves what one does for a living, they often co-mingle.  In fact, if you reflect on it for a moment, the phrase “what do you do for a living?” is an interesting choice of words.  The old cliche is that no one ever said on his deathbed: “I wish I’d spent more time at the office” yet we refer to one’s “occupation” in the literal sense of what dwells within you, and one’s “living” as if that defines your state of being alive.  Hence the drive of authors to keep writing until the Lord of the Keyboard  takes their breath away.

This is my rationale for taking a point of personal privilege in crossing over a blog I did this morning that is ostensibly personal, and sharing it with you on the professional side.



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