Duane’s Clinical Ophthalmology


I used to live with this encyclopedic work while a student at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.  They’d remind me on some days that the library was closing and it was time to leave.  I could never have imagined back then that the entire resource would be available  online in open source as an eBook, and here are some chapters are of high interest (even though some of the material is a bit dated) just from Volume 1:

Extraocular Muscles – Demer

Eye Movements and Positions – Parks

Innervation of the EOMs – Repka and Parks

Binocular Vision – Parks

Alignment – Parks, Kelly and Mitchell

Vergences – Parks

Binocular Vision Adaptations in Strabismus – Parks

Sensory Tests and Treatments of Binocular Adaptations – Mitchell and Parks

Amblyopia – Greenwald and Parks

Concomitant Esodeviations – Parks, Mitchell and Wheeler

Concomitant Exodeviations – Mitchell and Parks

Monofixation Syndrome – Parks

Concomitant Vertical Deviations – Mitchell and Parks

A and V Patterns – Parks

Oblique Muscle Dysfunctions – Parks and Mitchell

Dissociated Strabismus – Wilson

Cranial Nerve Palsies – Mitchell and Parks

Ophthalmoplegic syndromes and Trauma – Mitchell and Parks

Saccadic Velocity Measurements in Strabismus – Metz

And from Volume 2, here are a few of my favorites:

Neuro-Ophthalmologic Examination: The Visual Sensory System – Skarf, Glaser and Trick

Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology: General Considerations and Congenital Motor and Sensory Anomalies – Siatkowski and Glaser

The Dizzy Patient: Disturbances of the Vestibular System – Tusa

And a few from the three volume companion Foundations of Clinical Ophthalmology:

Eye Movements – Leigh and Rucker

Visual Dysfunctions from Lesions of the Cerebral Cortex – Barton and Rizzo

Ocular Motility – Goldstein and Scott

Binocular Vision – Tyler

Visual Evoked Potential – Skarf and Trick

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