Balanced and Barefoot


Angela J. Hanscom is a pediatric OT who has written a nice book about balance and learning that incorporates vision.  From pages 24-25:

“With the rise in developmental disabilities we are seeing today, it makes sense that we’ll see a rise in visual deficits as well.  Is your child having vision difficulties?  Has your child complained about headaches or an inability to read or write at the same level as peers?  One problem that many therapists are seeing today, as opposed to thirty years ago, is that more and more children have trouble using the muscles of their eyes in unison, say to scan a room to find an object or to read a book accurately.

Oftentimes, these vision problems go undetected, and children struggle in all aspects of their schoolwork.  Typically, schools only assess a child’s ability to read letters or numbers off a chart.  This tests their visual acuity.  However, it is rare for schools to assess children’s ability to track and scan and effectively use their eyes muscles.”

And on page 51, no pussyfooting around about whom to consult with:

“If your child has trouble with visual skills, request an evaluation with an optometrist”.

2 thoughts on “Balanced and Barefoot

  1. Yes, and don’t forget the Optometrist who did not waste their education by working the commercial stores. Those who are wasting their education in the chain store mode either need to refer or simply neglect to test for vision problems.

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