Press Lites and Modified Brock Posture Board – Part 2

Dr. Greenwald’s mentor was Dr. Fred Brock, and aside from his eponymous string theory, Brock also introduced us to the concept of the Posture Board.  Dr. Paul Harris created a nice demonstration on how the cancellation properties of the procedure work.

We adapted this procedure for home therapy with Shulem by creating a modified Brock Posture Board.  Take a white sheet of paper and make a drawing with an orange marker that cancels with the red filter.  Press the flashlight against the surface of the red filter from the underside, so it shines through as red light.  Now you’re ready to play a game of “hide n’ seek” where the child has to tell you where the red light is hiding.  It helps to have an object with multiple areas that are easily identified, such as a house where the light can be – in the roof, in the window, in the doorknob, etc.



Pre-made, commercially available Brock Posture Board products are great, but I like our arts & crafty version as a home therapy supplement for several reasons:

  1. The child can “help” by making the drawing.  Anything which the child helps to create tends to gain more buy-in to the procedure.  Every day you can have a different picture, picking one to make that’s the child’s idea, so there’s less boredom.  And if there happens to be amblyopia in addition to strabismus, or the strabismus is unilateral, this prep phase can be done in MFBF mode.
  2. You can maintain the child’s interest by asking whether the light ever disappears, and if it does, to tell you when it comes back again.  The Press Lite has several settings when you click the button, only one of which turns the light off so the child has to respond to what he sees and not just rely on the sound as a cue.
  3. The flashlight on the Press Lite is brighter and easier to see than the disposable penlights, and won’t burn out like the disposable penlights which weaken and fade very quickly.

Try it, you’ll like it!

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