Annual VisionHelp Group Meeting


Our VisionHelp Group (VHG) is meeting for our annual brainstorming session, this year in St. Joseph, MI, ably guided by Dr. Dan Fortenbacher and aided by Becca Sherry and Charles Fortenbacher.


Periodically we invite other thought leaders to brainstorm with us, and this year it was Dr. Steve Devick together with Dr. Danielle Leong and Patrick Burkhart.  We were particularly interested learning more about the eye tracking technology they have coupled with the King-Devick Test, and in its assessment and rehabilitative applications.



The technology was incorporated into a newly published paper in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology:  Rapid number naming in chronic concussion: eye movements in the King–Devick test.  Current interest is not in just overall saccade times, but in how the scan path was traversed along the way.


As always, it has been a provocative meeting in a very positive sense, and VHG looks forward to another productive and collaborative year …



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