New VisionHelp Initiative…the time has arrived to end Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, otherwise coined “Lazy Eye”, is the most common form or treatable vision loss that affects nearly 12 million in the US, 3.5% worldwide. For over a century, it was thought that the only way to treat Amblyopia effectively was with occlusion therapy (patching), or Atropine drops and it could not be effectively treated past age 10. But now there is a surge of  new research that is shaping  the development of Amblyopia treatment protocols that are faster and more effective without negative side effects and limited results associated with occlusion/patching. In addition, the new treatment models show that Amblyopia can be effectively treated at nearly any age.

The Vision of the VisionHelp Group is to end the senseless struggles associated with developmental and rehabilitative vision problems, such as Amblyopia.

With this in mind the VisionHelp Group is pleased to announce the release of the latest VisionHelp Initiative, the “VisionHelp Amblyopia Project” to help both patients and doctors obtain current information about how the visual system is affected by Amblyopia and the best evidence-based methods in treatment.

Amblyopia Project

The time has arrived to end “Lazy Eye” and the outdated modality of treatment known as occlusion therapy. The VisionHelp Group would like to request the help of everyone in this important public health initiative by sharing this with those affected by Amblyopia and the doctors who need to be informed about the research that is critical to helping patients obtain the care they need. You too can help make a difference in the lives of millions who suffer with Amblyopia!

Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

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