Susanna Zaraysky on VT & Strabismus

Congratulations to VT advocate Susanna Zaraysky on the publication of her new book, One-Eyed Princess: Gaining depth in sight and mind.


I certainly don’t expect you to recall, but I blogged about Susanna in 2011 as someone who learned about optometry and vision therapy through the Oliver Sacks piece in The New Yorker magazine about Stereo Sue in 2006.  I first encountered Susanna through the Sovoto Adult Strabismus forum, and encouraged her to share her feelings about the psychological aspects of strabismus therapy more widely.  I just found out about the book through Susanna’s post on Sovoto a few days ago, and immediately ordered a copy of her book.  I anticipate that she’ll elaborate on the thoughts and experiences she shared in 2011, and will anxiously await my B & N package in the mail!

In the interim, here is a superb interview that Susanna did last Friday on CBS-TV in San Francisco with Michelle Griego, of Bay Area Focus.

One thought on “Susanna Zaraysky on VT & Strabismus

  1. We are Optometristts so we need to know what Ophthalmology know PLUS much more.
    They have it easy and we have it more
    difficult unless we work at the chain stores which in that environment we need to know absolutely nothing.

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