Optics 0.0

That’s zero point zero.  As in the score we give the doctor who insisted that Nicole wear the overminused spectacle lens power that he prescribed.  Nicole, by the way, is a long-standing patient who I hadn’t seen for awhile.  She went to law school out of state, and decided to go to a doctor who took her insurance for a routine exam because her lenses were scratched.  She was asymptomatic.  The exam was quick, and he told her that she had dry eye and Rxed Lotemax, advising her to return in two weeks for him to check her eyes. He also wrote a new lens prescription which was a half diopter more minus than her habitual Rx.  When she returned for follow-up, she told the doctor that she was uncomfortable with the new Rx, and that the glasses felt too strong.  His answer was, and I kid you not:


Nicole shot right back: “No, but these are my eyes, and I can tell when something’s not right.”  Fortunately she was still comfortable with her -3.75 sph OU contact lenses, and when she returned East to visit her parents I wrote her an Rx for the -3.75 spectacle lenses that she had before.

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