Prime Time for Integrative Neurology



Biochemistry of the mind-gut connection.  The Enteric Nervous System (ENS).  The micro biome.  The lymphatic system and gut repair.  Nervous system tissue in the gut along with gut bacteria produces 95% of the serotonin in your body, and just as much dopamine as the brain produces.  90% of the signals from the ENS are going from the gut to the brain rather than the other way around, via the vagus nerve.  Ayurvedic medicine.



Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D., is an integrative neurologist in La Jolla, and the information in her book, The Prime, blew me away.  I’ve heard from patients and colleagues (such as Patty Lemer and Dr. Sarah Lane) about various detox approaches, brain-gut interactions, etc. – mostly as related to alternative medicine approaches revolving around autism, and it has long intrigued me.  But somehow Dr. Chaudhary approaches this in a way that really resonated with me, more so than it had previously.  Aside from reading the book, the following video will introduce you to Dr. Chaudhary’s approach.


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