Is the iPad a Visual Pacifier?

Just sayin’ …

baby ipad

There are kids who become unconsolable and even violent when their iPads are taken away from them.  Kids as young as a year old!  There is a serious risk of creating addictive behavior when the iPad is used as a visual pacifier, and many developmental authorities are expressing serious concerns.

But for a therapeutic point of view, go to the 47 second mark of this video:

Here’s a brochure descriptive of a proprietary vision therapy program for use on the iPad, to be used under the guidance of an optometrist.  I have no personal experience with this particular program, though there are others available now such as Opto and of course, one of our favorites for visual attention therapy via Tactus.

So how healthy is this?  Bottom line is, as your grandmother taught you – everything in moderation.

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