Playing At Last

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Wide-eyed Wonder: an artist's musings on three-dimensional vision

It’s been five years since my BRAO and two years since choosing to keep the same base-right prism for my second set of glasses. At that office visit with my Developmental Optometrist, I could not walk a straight line with the prism, with more prism or without prism. I simply went with the same strength based on my own observations here.

From time to time, I have put on my red-green glasses, and the amount of red I have seen clearly shows me that I still use my half blind right eye with my left by default as I described here.

But I have not done anything in the way of Vision Therapy. That is about to change.

This spring I began to fervently wish, once again, for NO prism other than something to help my half-blind right eye: the kind of prism that was used in an office visit…

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2 thoughts on “Playing At Last

  1. Wow … Thank you, Dr. Press! … I am humbled and excited by your re-post at the same time. All five years, I have been following Vision Helps. So I must also thank you for keeping the flame alive.

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