Modulation of Postural & Oculomotor Control

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Latent somatosensory dysfunction can generate noise which prevents the CNS from correctly processing and using feet somatosensory afferents both for balance and vergence control.  This is the crux of an important paper co-authored by Zoi Kapoula, whose work on postural control and vergence we began blogging about six years ago.  Her new paper is published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience and was brought to my attention by Dr. Curt Baxstrom.


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This paper adds to the body of literature demonstrating that vergence control is intimately linked to postural control and how in the real world involving movement it is artificial to consider vergence in isolation even though that is how visual analysis is frequently done.  Consider the inter-individual variability when patients are engaged in binocular localization tasks walking on a walking rail or balancing on a balance board.  Consider the inter-individual variability of the effects of yoked prism on the postural centers of gravity, and thereby vergence control.  More evidence that the binocular system is a head-to-toe affair.


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