The Myth of Average … and How to End It

I was in the airport yesterday morning in St. Louis when Bob Sanet sauntered over and we exchanged pleasantries yet again.  The good things to talk about with Bob are endless.  With his insatiable curiosity he asked what I was reading, and it happened to be this book:

Rose Book Cover

“You’re going to love this book, Bob!”, I blurted out with confidence.  “It’s everything we talk about in terms of the tyranny of trying to use group statistics to dictate how we treat individual patients.”  I’ll tell you the same thing I told Bob — read the book, and you won’t regret the time invested.

Several years ago Todd did a TEDx presentation about the myth of average, which captures many of the talking points that he subsequently elaborated into this book.

Todd’s journey is an amazing one, a high school dropout with a 0.9 GPA who rose to the ranks of being a Director of the Mind, Brain, and Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he leads the Laboratory for the Science of the Individual.

I submit to you that it is in the science of the individual that we excel clinically, and in which successful developmental optometrists and talented optometric vision therapists are naturally gifted.  After listening to Todd, and reading his book, you’ll understand why.  (Hint: pay particular attention to the ergodic switch.)


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