A Tribute to Dr. Med. Heike Schuhmacher

Heike Photo

Dr. Heike Schuhmacher has a fascinating background, having been trained as an Orthoptist in Germany before undertaking a career in Medicine as a Pediatrician.  She has merged these interests into a clinical environment that centers on children’s learning and development, surrounding herself with optometrists who understand the role of vision in learning – apparently quite a rarity in Germany.  I was first introduced to Dr. Schuhmacher in 2010, when she traveled to the United States to attain her certification as a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.  A couple of years later she shared her dream with me of writing a book oriented toward parents, but incorporating enough science to convey the substance and breadth of the field.  We discussed elements of the book, and I was delighted when Dr. Schuhmacher presented me with an inscribed copy of Fehler Muss Man Sehen, published last year in German.

Heike Book Cover

The graphics in the book are stunning, even if you’re unable as yet to fully appreciate the text currently available only in the German language version.

Heike Puzzle

As soon as I thumbed through the book, I went to the exhibitor’s booth of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEPF) as fast as my feet would carry me to urge them to have the book translated into English.  So consider this a “teaser” for what will hopefully be the English version of Dr. Schuhmacher’s book, available through OEPF next year.  It is marvelous to see the fruits and flowers of behavioral and developmental optometry blossoming around the world.

Heike Banner


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