A 60 Minute Opening to COVD Meeting

custom_year_alarm_clock_400_clr_13510If you’ll be in St. Louis for the 46th Annual COVD meeting this Wednesday, join us for something new from 7:00 – 8:00 PM.


The 2016 Journal Symposium will highlight clinical insights from recently published journal articles, including articles published in VDR.

This presentation will be in the format of the popular news show “60 Minutes”. It will feature authors and reviewers discussing interesting topics related to the publications that they have been involved with.

* Dr. Press: introduction to visual attention, divided attention and inattention
* Dr. Tannen: visual attention, attention deficit, and reading disability
* Dr Maples: effect of VT on children with symptomatic CI and ADHD
* Dr. Freeman: publication from an editor’s point of view – to what do we pay attention?


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