An Eye Catching Book From An Insightful Chiropractor

B&N Eye Catching

A book just put on the shelves caught my eye while browsing at B&N Clearwater this morning:  The Un-Prescription for Autism: A Natural Approach for a Calmer, Happier, and More Focused Child.  It’s written by Dr. Janet Lintala, a chiropractor who is quite evidently is a big fan of behavioral and developmental optometry.  Janet wrote an informative and supportive article online two years ago, and extends her admiration for our services in this new book.

Autism - Lintala Cover

In her glossary of terms, Dr. Lintala defines Developmental Optometry as “An optometric specialty that corrects how a person processes visual information.”  How’s that for a short, pithy description?  Dr. Lintala mentions the importance of obtaining a developmental optometric examination, the role of prism lenses, and the benefits of optometric vision therapy.  In fact when parents are considering having their ASD child learn to drive, she advises a developmental optometric examination first.

Dr. Lintala uses the following checklist as a “Developmental Optometry Screening”:

  • Does alot of sideways glancing
  • Holds toys up very close to the eyes
  • Leans in to look very closely at things
  • Head frequently tilted to one side
  • History of a lazy eye
  • Has been diagnosed with dyslexia
  • Avoids homework; has been called “lazy”
  • Is very intelligent but makes poor grades in school
  • Skips over lines when reading
  • May dislike movies in 3-D
  • Is careful on the stairs: holds the rail; moves one foot sat a time; sits down to do stairs
  • Cannot catch a ball very well (ball avoidance)
  • Sometimes trips or stumbles over nothing; tends to be clumsy
  • Sometimes bumps into the door frame when going through a doorway

Among the reasons she lists as to why she asks these questions, Dr. Lintala writes: “Sometimes the different visual fields, including peripheral vision, are not smoothly integrated and the child experiments with the crazy jumble of images he is seeing.”






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