Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment

Save the date, July 8-9, 2016 for the Annual American Conference on Pediatric Cortical Visual Impairment (PCVI), being held at the Marriott Regency in Omaha.  The meeting is under the auspices of the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha.  I’ve heard wonderful things about the meeting form colleagues Dr. Kerri Dietz Pillen and Dr. Dominick Maino.

Children's Hospital Omaha

As stated in their program flyer, the American Conference on PCVI brings together occupational therapists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, teachers of the visually impaired, neurologists, pediatric intensivists, physiatrists and parents to increase interdisciplinary understanding of cortical visual impairment in children.

The conference objectives this year are for participants to be able to:

  • Examine the CVI inventory developed by Professor Dutton and discuss its applicability in different cultures and rural vs. urban settings.  (I blogged previously about some of Professor Dutton’s work.)
  •  Identify strategies for implementing CVI interventions within the context of an educational curriculum.
  • Discuss the role of the optometrist in optimizing outcomes for children with CVI. Participants will be able to describe the ophthalmologist’s responsibilities as part of the multidisciplinary team for children with cortical visual impairment.
  • Discuss a rationale for removing barriers which may restrict
    positive outcomes for children and youth with CVI and complex communication needs.
  • Identify strategies that address the language, vision, and learning of these children in ways that directly impact daily activities, participation, the environment and ultimately their ability to live productive, fulfilling lives as children and adults.
  • Describe visual function and specific therapies for children withCVI.
  • Participants will learn how comprehensive services are provided to children ages birth-five who have a diagnosis of CVI including partnering with the medical and early intervention community, the use of a state-wide screening tool, O&M services, home-based and preschool curriculum and state wide initiatives.
  • Identify the CVI characteristic most associated with difficulties in social skill acquisition and strategies that can facilitate increased social competence in individuals with CVI.
  • Review current research efforts related to CVI via poster presentations.
  • Discuss future scientific research opportunities.
  • Discuss collaborative opportunities for shared problem-solving for parents of children with CVI.
  • Describe the number and profile of children with CVI in Scotland and highlight the collaborative support mechanisms that have been built around an integrated health, education and social work policy.
  • Discuss the optometric management of CVI patients.
  • Describe how to use the “What’s the Complexity Framework” to lead educational teams in planning appropriate school activities and schedules for students with CVI.
  • Identify the scope and sequence of O&M knowledge and skills in the preschool through kindergarten years.
  • Identify strategies to support age appropriate concept development and travel skill for the Pre-K child with pediatric CVI.
  • Review pearls for changing practice and identify opportunities for future education.

Children's Hospital Umbrellas

 The course director is Richard H. Legge, M.D., a pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist who is an assistant professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at UNMC College of Medicine.  Two optometrists who are part of the course faculty are Nicole Hooper, O.D., Visiting Assistant Professor University at the Houston College of Optometry, and John P. Lowery, O.D., M.Ed., Professor and Chief of Pediatrics at Pacific University College of Optometry.

New to this year’s meeting is a scientific poster session.  You can submit an abstract of no more than 200 words, on any content related to CVI, to  Questions about the meeting can be directed to 402-955-6070.

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