Making Up For Lost Time

Lost Time

A child falls significantly behind compared to the way her siblings had performed in early school years.  Her parents express deep concern to her teacher, who does not initially share their level of concern.  Toward the end of the school year her parents are taken aback that the teacher doesn’t feel their daughter is ready to go the next grade.  After several dead ends they find their way to a Child Study Team Evaluation, and instead of being left behind their child is slated for Special Education Services.  Despite receiving those services, she continues to struggle.  They take her to an eye doctor to have her eyes and vision checked, but are told that everything is fine.  Time continue to pass by rapidly.

Faythe’s mother is someone who was not satisfied with superficial assessments.  Her intuition that something was being missed was borne out by an optometric evaluation and subsequent therapy.  Her Success Story has an important message.  “I do wish we had known about convergence insufficiency sooner because we still see her trying to catch up on spelling and reading … Overall we couldn’t be more pleased and would love to see an awareness of visual disorders be more prevalent because we believe it is more common than it is recognized.”

Faythe 2

Faythe 1


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