When Is Vision Monday on Wednesday?

Definitely sounds like a Steven Wright line:  So if Vision Monday is having a Brain Summit, why are they holding it on Wednesday?

But in all seriousness … Vision Monday is having a Global Summit as they have for the past 10 years on the day before the start of Vision Expo East (April 14), thereby making it on Wednesday, April 13.  The conference has become so popular that others have begun to emulate it — it’s basically like a series of TED talks strung together, all centering on cutting edge and futuristic ophthalmic topics.  Other obligations preclude me from going (COVD annual meeting opens that evening in St. Louis), but what a great day long conference it looks like!


Global Summit Brainstorm Logo

From the advance publicity, here is their vision for this year’s summit:

Our brains let us visualize the world, communicate, imagine and problem solve. Now, technology breakthroughs are enabling new forms of ‘intelligence.”

This melding of minds and machines is expanding the frontiers of health care, business and social interactions. “BrainStorm” speakers, experts from the fields of technology, retail, healthcare and medicine, will talk about:

– Breakthroughs in neuroscience are now leading to new ideas and tools for consumer engagement,
both in-store and online.

– Discoveries about the brain are creating startling new ways of enabling sight and correcting vision.

– The eye – brain connection is also rewriting the script for wearables in enterprise and entertainment.

– Learning is being reinvented. How business leaders are using “gamification” to tap the brainpower within
their organizations.

Those seeking to understand these critically important trends will want to attend this can’t-miss, day-long exploration, “BrainStorm.”

The 2016 10th VM Annual Global Leadership Summit is the premier industry event for top executives, leading edge healthcare professionals and their senior teams, offering an unparalleled networking opportunity. Attendees will take part in an interactive program that will add a new dimension to the VM Summit experience.

Guess I’ll just have to find someone who’s attending the Conference, and brainstorm with her or him about what’s coming …

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