The Edge

Nearly four years ago, on my personal blog, I suggested that there was virtue in Living in the Edge.  In versus On the edge was somewhat semantic back then, but I find myself living more on The Edge as 2016 unfolds -alternating between life’s experiences at the surface and the hidden intricacies within.

The Edge I’m referring to is a website fueled by John Brockman, and has been described as an online high octane intellectual salon.


Every year Brockman poses “The Edge Question” to leading thinkers, and posts their responses on his website.  This year’s two-part Edge question is:  “What Do You Consider the Most Interesting Recent [Scientific] News? What Makes It Important?


Every one of the responses to the Year 2016 Edge Question is a gem in it’s own right, and I encourage you to read them all, which you can do by following the hyperlinks here.  You’ll no doubt be able pick out your favorite, but the one that resonates with me is by Gary Klein, senior scientist at MacroCognition, LLC, and author of Seeing What Others Don’t.  Klein’s response is Blinded By Data.  As I decide which data to follow in maximizing my own health, I am ever mindful that modern technologies, materials, and procedures are dazzlingly brilliant in acute crises, yet comparatively useless for the vicissitudes of daily living.

As with our own personal health agenda and initiatives, what patients ultimately seek from us is informed guidance on their visual health and performance.  It is perfectly fine if, at times, it feels like you and your staff are walking along the edges of certainty.  In fact in certain cases, and at certain times, it may actually confer an advantage.

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