Restoring the Visual Vocabulary of Art – Update

You may recall that last month I shared the wonderful success of our patient Charles and his incredible representation of “a day at the clinic” but if not, take another look here.  Charles has been consistent with his home therapy this past month since finishing his office-based sessions, and he will be assessed next week at the Rehabilitation Center to begin driving therapy with his OT.  As I finished our one month follow up visit this afternoon,  Charles presented me with another doodle titled “a day with family eyecare”.  He again depicted the SVI and eccentric circles, two of his favorite activities, but this time look at his bright widely opened eyes, the smile on his face, and the detail of his art work as compared to last month.

Charles Magistro

Charles has completed speech therapy and while we didn’t do “art therapy”, the restoration of visual function has help him be more visually expressive and detailed.


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