Calgary Vision Event 2015

Drs. Charles Boulet and Debbie Luk have done a wonderful job organizing and presenting the Calgary Vision Event.  Among the many pleasures I’ve had here over the weekend has been the opportunity to meet and intreat with Yves Sauve, a Ph.D. in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.  Yves shared with me that the event that opened his eyes to developmental vision and vision therapy was browsing a bookstore a few years ago, and discovering a book titled Fixing My Gaze by Susan R. Barry, Ph.D.  It blew him away.  As coincidence would have it, Dr. Theresa Ruggiero – Sue’s optometrist – is attending the Event and Yves has been like a kid in a candy shop.


Thanks to the attendees, predominantly optometrists and occupational therapists, whose attendance and interaction have helped make this a special event.  It has been a pleasure sharing the stage here with Drs. Curt Baxstrom, Peter Shaw, and Yves Sauve.


A personal thanks once again to Dr. Charles Boulet for being such a phenomenal host, and a driving force in promoting vision development and therapy in Canada.



2 thoughts on “Calgary Vision Event 2015

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