Combating Concussions with Vision Therapy

Post Concussion Syndrome Word Cloud Concept on a 3D BlackboardA concussion is a neurological event sometimes referred to as an mTBI that, for some, can have long term consequences. While most individuals who have suffered a concussion recover on their own within 3 months, those who still persist with Post Concussion Syndrome beyond 3 months should be referred for neuro optometric vision rehabilitation. Dr Press and I have written Vision and Concussion on VisionHelp Blog on this topic. Furthermore, to raise public and professional awareness, the VisionHelp Group has created the Concussion Initiative to provide a resources for better understanding.

Concussion Project

In addition, as we are heading into the football season, local Fox News affiliate out of Grand Rapids, Michigan came to our office to gather more information. Their story, Combating Concussion with Vision Therapy  ran today and gave an excellent overview of on the newest methods in neuro optometric vision rehabilitation to help return to play, return to the classroom and return to work following concussion.

Fox News Vision and Concussion

Click on the above photo or here is the link:


Dan L. Fortenbacher, O.D., FCOVD

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