There’s Joy in Seussville!

A cynic or conspiracy theorist might wonder whether the new book making the rounds in Seussville is really a long lost treasure re-discovered in a box that was set aside by Ted Geisel’s second wife, Audrey, or a contrivance by Random House to infuse new life into the Seussian Empire.

Oh no, not me,

A cynic I’m not!

The new book by Seuss

bears his rhyme and his plot.


The notes from the publisher in the back of the book indicate that Ted Geisel was a perfectionist: “He could spend months developing a character, days talking about the placement of a comma.  ‘I know my stuff looks like it was rattled off in twenty-eight seconds,’ he said, ‘but every word is a struggle and every sentence is like the pangs of birth.’  Ted once estimated that for a typical sixty-four page book, he would produce over a thousand pages of text and images.”

Making up one’s mind is a central theme of What Pet Should I Get?, and I’ve made up my mind to put it in our reception area for parents to read to their children.  As my colleague Dr. Richard Laudon reminded me through sharing an article form Monday’s New York Times, we really can stimulate future independent reading this way.  Many credit Dr. Seuss for shifting that paradigm.

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