The Sea of Confusion in Concussion

You know from our Vision Help Concussion Project that concussions or mTBI cause significant visual difficulties that can delay a student’s ability to return to learn.  One of the common symptoms is confusion, and from a cognitive standpoint this often involves difficulty in coordinating the two eyes, or visual con-fusion.  Many of the principles we use in optometric vision therapy programs are helpful in this form of physical therapy for the visual system with a cognitive bent, although the pace and components of the program must be highly individualized.

Barrell Card

We are in the midst of working with a teen athlete, Alexa, who had been struggling to read with any meaningful level of comprehension, and without experiencing intense headaches after a very short period of reading.   She has made slow but very steady progress, consistent with the rate of change ideally seen with this population.  Alexa’s mother is very pleased with the changes she has seen already, and we therefore had her fill out an interim report to share her feelings with you.

Alexa 1

Alexa 2

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