Charlotte Knows Best

Charlotte is now considered one of the elders among Child Study Teams in our region.  She is at an age when most of her peers have long retired, but she’s still going strong.  Close to a year ago, Luis’s mother met with Charlotte and another member of the team to hear what they thought about his struggles with reading.  Charlotte noted that based on her experiences, Luis seemed to have a missing link that probably involved vision.  The other, much younger member of the Team dismissed Charlotte’s suggestion, going instead with her theory that his main problem was that he was bilingual, with Spanish spoken in the house more than English.  Charlotte came right back at her junior colleague and said: trust me on this one.  Even if ESL is an 80% factor, the 20% that is visual must be considered in his case.  He hasn’t been making adequate progress with our interventions.



Our initial evaluation revealed that Luis had two diopters of astigmatism in both eyes, with hyperopic sphere in the left eye only, and had refractive amblyopia of the left eye.  Mother had been told that Luis had a bit of a lazy left eye, but it was not sufficient to bother with.  He also exhibited convergence insufficiency with esophoria at distance and high exophoria at near.  Through vision therapy he has achieved normal acuity in both eyes, and his original adaptive CI broke down to reveal esophoria at near as well and unmasked the extent of his neaproint stress.  All is good now, proving that Charlotte was right yet again.

Luis just finished vision therapy, and his mother wrote the following:

ESL Success Story

I emailed Luis’ mother a link to an essay that I told her she would find interesting.  Charlotte’s younger Child Study Team colleague might learn a thing or two from reading it as well.

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