4th and long…

A powerful post from Robert Nurisio, COVT. For a variety of reasons, “compliance” with home therapy is increasingly challenging. Robert brings a personal tone to the discussion.

VT Works

For the last 15 plus years, my life has been Vision Therapy. It’s been, in one capacity or another, a means for helping others through this wonderful craft.  From third graders to third generation patients, the wonders of VT never cease to amaze me.  For much of that time, I’ve also been a parent.  My daughter was born in 2002, my son in 2005, and the parallels between good Vision Therapy and good parenting are pretty incredible. Sadly, for the last five years, I’ve also identified with a specific type of parent:

The single kind.

I went through divorce in 2010, and although it was a painful process, all parties involved have come to realize that the separation was the best thing we could have done.  There was anger, there was pain, there was resentment, and there was not much space for anything else.  In fact, it was so bad…

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5 thoughts on “4th and long…

  1. So Sorry. We never are done being a MOM or DAD to our kids. For Father’s day MOM helps the kids by buying a Father’s Day card and the kids write on it. Likewise for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter…..
    We become closer partners as we partake in raising kids, together, even though divorced.
    Nancy and I married June 6, 1970 in Landstuhl, Germany during the Vietnam War and are together till dead do us part, BUT have had ups and downs. Our kids have not been so lucky with spouses, but we support them and their x’s for the kids sake.
    I have seen too many, even today, kids whose parents are not getting along, and believe me, it makes VT and even the eye testing difficult. August Krymis.
    So, do not forget the kids.

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