The Tree of Vision

I first saw the “tree” concept applied to sensory systems through the groundbreaking work of Dorinne Davis, an audiologist from New Jersey.  Thanks to Dr. Curt Baxstrom for pointing me in the direction of a terrific new resource co-authored by Gordon N. Dutton, called Vision and the Brain.

Dutton Cover

The book contains a very nice graphic that applies the “tree” concept to vision.  You can access the graphic directly through this link.

Tree of Vision - Dutton

2 thoughts on “The Tree of Vision

  1. You might want to check with Paul Harris; I am pretty sure he gave a lecture about something similar at a Skeffinton Symposium back in ’83? (give or take a year or two). It might have referred to his understanding of VT? (had something to do with trees anyway.

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