The VisionHelp Concussion Initiative is Live!

In March I blogged about the upcoming  VisionHelp Concussion Initiative.  I am happy to tell you that as of this morning it is live! (VisionHelp Concussion Project).

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To review, VisionHelp is a group of developmental and rehabilitation optometrists who meet regularly to discuss the latest developments and best practices as well as to facilitate and develop initiatives to advocate for professional and public awareness of developmental vision and rehabilitation.

Over a year ago, I shared my dream of a website dedicated to highlight the extraordinary effects of concussion and post-concussion syndrome on the visual system to my colleagues at VisionHelp. With their support, and the talent and creativity of web designer Rebecca Sherry, the website has become a reality.

We are hopeful that this site serves as a repository of information to help both patients and professionals.  We see so many patients who suffer needlessly from visual symptoms after concussion such as  double vision, blurred vision, headaches after reading/computer work, along with more subtle visual symptoms as light sensitivity in fluorescent lighting, and difficulty navigating busy visual environments such as malls and supermarkets.  We have been able to help our patients through neuro-optometric rehabilitation but we know that there are so many more patients who could be helped.

We envision this as a website to share the growing body of information for patients, parents, and professionals on the visual effects of concussion.  Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Barry Tannen, O.D., FCOVD

3 thoughts on “The VisionHelp Concussion Initiative is Live!

  1. There is no question!!! Vision therapy/rehabilitation changes Lives!!!! IT is a very rewarding way to spend one’s professional skills. It is so wonderful to get a phone call when the voice at the other end says” I got a 100 on my language test today!!!!”
    In their excitement they forgot to say who was calling, but then remembered at the last minute to say “this is Henry”. I still get notes and letters from VT patients who now own their own businesses, and ask if they can bring their child to be evaluated a preemptive strike against the parent’s problems being passed along to the child. Optometry has so much to offer this population and much of it has to do with coordination of eye aiming and accommodative control. Concussion is another issue that can also be helped by vision rehabilitation once the patient has been cleared by the attending neurologist. I still get communication from these patients who now want a referral source for their child. As Robert states in the above title, VisionHelp Concussin Initiative is Live!!!!

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