Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism

Yesterday I wrote about the chapter on Ambient Prism Lenses that the optometrist Mel Kaplan and colleagues authored in a book now its fourth edition, Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism.  You can find all of its 72 chapters listed here, and in addition to the chapter on prism lenses, two other chapters will be of obvious interest.  One of them is the HANDLE program, whose acronym stands for the Holistic Apprrach to Neurodevelopment and Learning Efficiency.


Curt Baxstrom was the first optometrist to make me aware of the HANDLE program, pioneered by Judith Bluestone with its origins in Seattle, Washington.  As noted on their website, the HANDLE screening includes eye teaming and tracking, and Chapter 52 in Cutting Edge Therapies, co-authored by Marlene Suliteanu, who is Judith’s sister, includes the following among the functions and systems considered:

* Visual discrimination and memory

* Visual-motor integration

* Visual-spatial processing

* Visual functions including tracking, convergence, accommodation, and light sensitivity

Judith passed away last year, and one of her biggest supporters was Patty Lemer, who featured HANDLE in one of her newsletters.

The other chapter that caught my eye is the last one in the book, and it is on vision therapy authored by optometrist Jeffrey Becker who runs a practice called the NeuroSensory Center of Eastern Pennsylvania.

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