SPACE: Visuo-Spatial Attention Training for Neglect/Enhancement

Thanks to Dr. Dan Press for reminding me how many useful tools Lafayette Instrument Life Sciences Company has with applications to vision therapy.  I haven’t perused the site for quite some time, and in doing so came across this interesting approach to training visual field sensitivity/awareness.Neglect - Lafayette

The patient essentially acts as a photographer, taking a snapshot of a scene and then trying to relocate it as it is moved to a randomized location in the visual field.  Various scenes such as marketplace of houses, airport, train station and beach viewed through the viewfinder of a camera. The difficulty is varied by the type of movement of the viewfinder and the complexity of the background image.

SPACE  is one module in a suite of products designed to train cognitive functions targeting attention, memory, executive functions, spatial processing, visuomotor skills, and neglect.  It is very pricey software, but unique in how well it integrates so many principles in therapy – particularly with applications to real life scenes.  As a disclaimer, I have no experience in using the product, and am only sharing my impressions from what I see online.  Here is a nice overview from CogniPlus or the more encompassing overview form parent company Schufried, and here is a link to corresponding video samples.

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