A Modern Day Stratton

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If you’ve never heard of George M. Stratton, allow me to familiarize you with him. Stratton was a psychologist who is well known for his studies whereby he used special glasses to invert the world from up to down, and from right to left.  Although his initial symptoms were dizziness, nausea, and headaches, he found that after a few days of adjustment, his brain actually adapted and things seemed normal.  I found this synopsis of his experiment on Wikipedia:

Stratton went on to become a first-generation experimentalist in psychology. Wundt’s lab in Leipzig, with experimental programs bringing together the fields of evolutionary biology, sensory physiology and nervous-system studies, was a part of the career of most of the first generation. It was the exposure there, added to the graduate work at Yale, that influenced Stratton into becoming a psychologist. It was there that he started his binocular vision experiments as well. In…

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11 thoughts on “A Modern Day Stratton

    • You are right Len! Carol has come back further after two consecutive strokes/comas than any of the experts predicted. She breathes, chews solid food and periodically speaks on her own. No one gave her a chance of ever doing that again!!

      • Dr. Mayer – I continue to be amazed with Carol’s strength and resilience. Although I may not always comment, I follow her closely through your updates on Facebook. She is an amazing woman, and you my friend, are an amazing husband, dad, and pillar of strength for your family. It is truly an honor to know you.Thank you for all that you do!! As always, all the best to you and your family! 🙂

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