Answers to Beautiful Questions

The answer to the question we just posed is that the still predominant approach to amblyopia treatment, involving patching the better eye, needs to be brought up to date.  Research is coming out so rapidly that even our previous pass at this can be updated.  Don’t get us wrong – we’re not ready to say that quality time patching is never indicated.  We’re saying that in many types of amblyopia, particularly refractive amblyopia in the absence of strabismus, or when there is already reasonably good binocular capacity, that there are a bunch of “fun with a purpose” activities now available that can build on if not bypass occlusion.  Here are some examples of fun activities, and bear in mind that as much as we’re not fans of calling amblyopia “lazy eye”, that’s still the way these programs are publicly listed.

“Lazy Eye Tetris”


“Lazy Eye Bubble Shooter”

Lazy Eye Bubble

“Lazy Eye Jump n Fly”

Jump n Fly

Dig Rush

Dig Rush

And remember — this is just an example of questioning the way “we” typically go about things, and why we can’t go about it differently.


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