The VisionHelp Concussion Initiative

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The stated mission of the VisionHelp group is “to provide leadership and foster the development of public and professional awareness projects to help end the senseless struggle of those individuals, children and adults who suffer from developmental vision and rehabilitation problems.”

VisionHelp is a group of developmental and rehabilitation optometrists who meet regularly to discuss the latest developments and best practices as well as to facilitate and develop initiatives to advocate for professional and public awareness of developmental vision and rehabilitation.

As part of our annual meeting last year we decided to establish the VisionHelp Concussion Initiative.

VisionHelp Concussion Initiative

Numerous journal articles and blogs have pointed out the critical role that the visual system plays in the diagnosis and management of concussion and post concussion syndrome (e.g. Post concussion discussionConcussions and VOMIT).   Our goal was to create an interactive digital site to allow for the the exchange of information for patients who have visual consequences of concussions, as well as optometrists, and other professionals who work with concussion and post concussion patients.


We felt that there was no better time than “Brain Injury Awareness Month” to unveil our plans for the VisionHelp Concussion Initiative.  Look for more details to come soon in this VisionHelp Blog!

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