Joining the Hashtag Party for Brain Injury Awareness Month

On behalf of COVD, our colleague, Dr. Rochelle Mozlin, has written an excellent blog about March as Brain Injury Awareness Month that incorporates this PSA which should be widely disseminated:

As Dr. Mozlin notes, COVD is supporting a hashtag party from March15th through March 22nd. The goal for the party is to increase awareness regarding the visual impact that follows after head injury, and how to address it.  So here we are!

Expanding on the message in the PSA from COVD is this video from the VisionHelp Group.  Interleaved between observations by the doctors interviewed, each of whom are COVD members, is a heartfelt and articulate message from a patient with ABI who has benefitted significantly from optometric vision therapy.

Take a look as well at the information shared by vision therapist extraordinaire, Robert Nurisio, COVT, on his blog, VT Works, including advocacy efforts by the iconic ABI survivor Cavin Balaster.

“We’ve come too far to give up who we are
So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars”

Hashtag party time — let’s raise the bar of awareness at least until the end of the week!

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