What Color Is Your …. ?

ParachuteThe #1 answer used to be “Parachute”, as in choosing career options.  But not today.  This weekend another color conundrum captured the fancy of social media buzz feeds —- the brain teaser of “What Color Is This Dress?  It is normally the individual inside of a dress who holds a certain allure, but this piece by Wired magazine lays out the scientific basis for why the answer to the dress color has seemed so provocative to so many over the past couple of days.  It is a fine example of color being in the eye of the beholder, yet beholden to the brain. Dress Qasim Zaidi,a Ph.D. at SUNY College of Optometry, contributed to a nice explanation of the phenomenon provided by the New York Times.  Somewhere in another galaxy, Leonard Nimoy is trying to figure out how the retina’s photoreceptors, wavelength transmission through the optic nerve, and fiber optic regions of the visual cortex conspired to displace the news of Mr. Spock’s departure so swiftly from the headlines. The Dress

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