Outsmarting Autism Update

I introduced you to Patty Lemer’s latest book on Autism in a blog last June.  Outsmarting Autism received a wonderful review in The Thinking Mom’s Revolution blog.  Patty lays out five crucial steps in Outsmarting Autism, and of great interest is Step 3, which is “Address Sensory Problems”.  This encompasses Chapters10 and 11, addressing Sensory Processing and Motor Issues, and Focusing on Vision: The Dominant Sense.  No one has championed the role of vision in Autism earlier or more widely than Patty.  The rest of the book is highly informative as well, covering Autism as an Epidemic, The Total Load Theory, Lifestyle Changes, Diet and Digestion, The Immune System, The Endocrine System, Detoxification, Structural and Brain Integration Therapies, Reflexes, Social Skills, Behavioral Therapies & Technology, Academics, Moving into Adulthood, and Ideas on Prevention.


patty-on-tourHere are upcoming tour dates for Patty’s presentation and book signings.  Please don’t miss this opportunity to spread awareness in your community about the role of vision in autism, as well as learn about many other factors from an unparalleled advocate.

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