The Studt Practicum

I had the privilege yesterday of delivering the 146th Studt Practicum at the Western University of the Health Sciences College of Optometry in Pomona, CA.  It was a joy to interact with so many accomplished former students, friendly contemporaries, and future colleagues. Studt - Science, Humanism, Caring The Practicum is sponsored by the Studt Foundation, and to get a flavor of its incredible President, Dr. Don Studt, one need only read this editorial by Les Walls, O.D., M.D., former President of the Southern California College of Optometry.  Dr. Studt is 88 years old, but still very vibrant and passionate about optometric vision therapy.  It was a pleasure visiting with him in his home and seeing the artifacts of his world travels.  It is quite fitting for a man who has climbed Mt. Everest numerous times to be proud of how vision therapy was instrumental in helping him overcome early learning challenges. Studt I was overwhelmed at the outpouring yesterday at Western U., and the record setting crowd.  It is humbling to see so many accomplished former students, many of whom are now faculty and department heads, highly successful private practice colleagues with whom I’ve worked who travelled from considerable distances, and students from both Western and SCCO who speak well to the future of optometric vision therapy.  A special thanks to Doctors Beth Ballinger, Steve Cohn, Al Chun, Ida Chung, Kristi Jensen, and Kristy Remick for their gracious hospitality. Studt - Crowd

6 thoughts on “The Studt Practicum

  1. Hi Len,
    So glad Don is looking so vibrant. I did the practicum a few years ago and he mentioned his book was almost completed,yet I haven’t seen or heard about it. Any information? Glad you visited his house; quite an experience. See you at COVD

    Arnie Sherman

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