Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis

This is the Jefferson Davis that comes to mind when hearing the name, but after watching the video below you’ll have a new association in mind between a child named Jefferson, a determined parent, and a developmental optometrist named Davis.

Dr. Davis just posted this YouTube video on a vision therapy list serve for doctors.  As background he relates that Jefferson had poor peripheral vision processing.  Yoked prisms, only 1 prism diopter base down in both eyes. opened his fields, Vision therapy normalized his vision, and he was able to stop wearing the prisms within sox months of staring therapy. Without prescribing the prism at the first visit, Dr. Davis doubts that Jefferson’s parents would have pursued vision therapy.

Jefferson’s parents are retired Marine Corps officers with high level careers and the financial means to do virtually anything for their child.  But after spending over $100,000 on services for their son, and hitting dead end after dead end, they finally heeded a friend’s advice and after his release from a psychiatric adolescent unit, at the age of 17 and after 12 years of endless struggles – a civil war of sorts within the family – took Jefferson to see Dr. Davis.  With that background, watch one of the most heartfelt and powerful parent videos about developmental vision and vision therapy that you will ever see.

6 thoughts on “Jefferson Davis

  1. God bless you and your family, Len.

    Funny association with J Davis, I even live below the Mason Dixon line.

    I admit that you are my favorite blogger, and I make sure all my staff reads your stuff. Most of them will be certified with COVD, have 3 already COVTs, so they will encounter your book along the way.

    Thank you for your HARD work.


  2. Dr. Press, Thank you so much for sharing this amazing validation of everything I’ve been sharing with the parents of the children I work with. This mom’s child deserved to learn and grow with efficient visual skills – as do all of our children – and I am so happy for him and his family that they found Dr. Davis. I will share this wonderful blog/video so that other families can perhaps find “their Dr. Davis!”

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