Optometry, Sports Medicine, and Concussions – Part 2


An Illinois State Senator, Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) has introduced Senate Bill 7, which would establish a concussion oversight team at each school consisting of a doctor and at least one athletic trainer, advanced practice nurse, neuropsychologist or physician assistant with expertise in the field.  Members of the oversight team would be required to take continuing education courses on the matter and create a return-to-play protocol.  As you listen to this Chicago Public Radio interview, you’ll hear Senator Kotowski’s strong endorsement of a remove-from-play protocol co-invented by an optometrist.


2 thoughts on “Optometry, Sports Medicine, and Concussions – Part 2

  1. I do not know Len….seems like more and more government in our lives….the coach and the school should be able to make the rules rather than more government…..the reason they would do a better job than more government is the legal system will hold them responsible.
    Hey, I will be in Jersey this coming Monday and Tuesday…so if I stop by your office…it would be to say hi to the #1 Optometrist in the United States of America. I am picking up a new vep perg device from Diopsis.

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