Neural Bases for Binocular Vision: Implications for VT – Part 2

Consider this article in Journal of Ophthalmology, an open access journal. The interocular shift of visual attention apparently does wonders for enhancing binocular summation in amblyopia.  Though the article addresses anisometropic amblyopia, I can see where it might have utility in strabismic amblyopia.  The idea of working on binocular facilitation without breaking down suppression is gaining traction.  Take a look at Eyetronix for example.

At some level rapid alternation may occur fast enough, in real time, that binocular performance is facilitated – even if it is as at the level of anomalous correspondence – where two eyed function is significantly enhanced and stereopsis gained for targets other than random dot stereograms.  A nice recent example of this is the game of Space Owl invented by “Squinty Josh”.

Space Owl

But while the newer gadgets, iPad apps, and various computer programs are welcome, there remains plenty of room for tried-and-true low tech approaches.  One of my favorites is Carl’s Cards, a split-off of GTVTs original Perceptive program.  You can still obtain it from Bernell Corporation.  Look at the cards that are the split red and white ones.  The only way you can come up with the answer of what the figure is in a reasonable time frame, is to use rapid enough interocular shifts in visual attention to unify the total figure printed in black and orange ink.  This isn’t classic “anti-suppression” as much as it is a form of rapid binocular summation.  This is particularly true when the patient must match the answer by forced choice.

Carl's Cards


2 thoughts on “Neural Bases for Binocular Vision: Implications for VT – Part 2

  1. Love those cards…just remember some patients do not return them. OOPs, where are those flippers I loaned out?
    The game Tetris is great for VT also…I do not loan it out.
    Best, August

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