Myopia and Nature Deficit Disorder

myopiaThanks to our Canadian colleague, Dr. Charles Boulet, for sharing this PDF of a new article from Environmental Health Perspectives on environmental factors and myopia.  Myopia is increasing to near epidemic proportions in many countries where indoor computer and other personal electronic device usage has mushroomed.  This is particularly true in Asian countries, perhaps nowhere greater than in Singapore – which has undertaken a public health campaign of sending messages to children about the need to play outdoors.  I love the comment in the article that the irony of flashing messages on a computer monitor to get children outside is not lost on the researchers who have been charting the rise of chronic nearsightedness in the region’s populations.

myopia at bayThe need to expose children to more outdoor activities, and in particular in sunlight conditions, is mindful of the author Richard Louv’s coining of the phrase Nature Deficit Disorder in his wonderful set of books on the subject. Count this side effect of myopia containment as yet another benefit of healthy sunlight exposure for children of all ages.


One thought on “Myopia and Nature Deficit Disorder

  1. Of course now days when we go outside and even inside with LED lights and computers we need protection from blue violet light. The Blue Tech lens and the Recharge A/R work well.
    I wanted to comment even though I have not read the article posted by Dr. Boulet regarding Myopia. My Mom and Dad were both farsighted. We lived on a farm outside a lot. Six children and only one (brother) was nearsighted. We were together so much that I might rule out environmental factors. My brother has six children of which three are nearsighted. My other brothers and sisters with kids have farsighted children. My kids (four) are all farsighted. Is this genetics? If we factor in Asian nearsighted parents who have nearsighted kids, would that not increase the Myopia with the population increase.
    By the way, my Dad had hearing problems and of his six children four have hearing problems. He was not bald and none of his children are bald. Well, I suppose kids who play inside might be more likely to be ADHD?
    Thanks for listening.

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