An Expert is Someone from Out of Town

TwainIt was supposedly Samuel Langhorne Clemens who once quipped that an expert was someone from out of town.  On that basis I might have had reservations about agreeing to do an in-service for the Fair Lawn Board of Education two days ago.  The climate in special education changes through the years, with many of the referral patterns for extracurricular care dictated by the particular individuals involved, the interventions acknowledged within the special ed community, and the dictates that come down from on high.

Fair Lawn Board of Ed In ServiceI have literally done the in-service that I did for our local Board of Ed around the world, and had presented a rudimentary version of it in Fair Lawn (the town in which our practice is located) a couple of times through the nearly 30 years I have been in town.  This time was refreshingly different.  It was a number of the staff, OTs, PTs, SLPs and teachers, who had been referring children to us and they were ready for an in-service to help orient new staff.  One of the SLPs was a patient of ours with whom we did vision therapy 25 years ago.  Another child who benefitted from VT was a son of the OT who organized the in-service (a special thanks to Christine).  The room was jammed, and several of our staff joined me – in particular, my associate Dr. Montenare, our Resident Dr. Tran, and our COVT-in-the-making, Danielle Chason.

brain_loading_info_15679We had a marvelous time together.  Went from 9:00 to 11:45 AM without a break, and I could feel the neurons firing in the room as we balanced the verbal with the visual; power point slides alternating with demonstrations; yoked prism walking interspersed with tracking and visualizing.  It is always enjoyable to share information that I and my colleagues from around the world have formulated regarding vision and learning in various forums out of town.  But it seems that the friendly gaze of those in town always brings special warmth, enhanced by being home sweet home for the holidays …

4 thoughts on “An Expert is Someone from Out of Town

  1. I am glad the reception you received was amiable. I feel as if the climate for vision therapy is improving in many places. Thanks for continuing to spread the word.

  2. Len, I will read and view this later. I assume that you know that “Mark Twain” is buried in Elmira and wrote some of his books there. His wife was a native. What you may not know is that Henry Quick’s father knew Mark Twain. Vernon received his NY license the year that Mark Twain died. In two handshakes, we are back to 1830. Gary

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