Choreographing Eye Movements

Aakash Odedra is an award-winning contemporary dancer/choreographer in the U.K.  His just-gone-viral TED Talk, A Dance in a Hurricane of Paper, Wind and Light, is unusual in that it is a talk delivered nonverbally.  The dance is a  modified version of Murmur, his company’s 37 minute production described as follows:

Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Aakash found conventional education at school very challenging. He felt defined by his learning difficulties, but not his abilities. As written language was so alien, dance became his preferred mode of expression. In Murmur, Aakash and Australian choreographer Lewis Major delve into the idea of warped and exaggerated realities. In a major collaboration with Major and Ars Electronica Futurelab (Linz, Austria), the company explores how the misconceptions of dyslexia can be revealed through visual design, light, sound, movement.

The swirl of paper enveloping Aakash as he pivots round and round with a book in various planes is a symbolic tour de force, but this is no mere symbolism.  What are the misconceptions of dyslexia, and what can you infer from this 9 minute TED Talk?

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