Infinitely Thankful

We all have patients that we “adopt” in the office because they are so darn cute.  Not even so much by appearance, but by their demeanor.  Christopher is one of those patients, and as he was completing his last scheduled in-office therapy session yesterday I watched him go through Infinity Walk Circuits with a great sense of pride.

Infinity Walk 1

As Danielle called out which of the two targets Christopher should fixate, he maintained flawless integration of body control with visual fixation and appropriate head rotation.

Infinity Walk 2

It’s nice to be able to look back at the blog I did regarding Christopher’s progress at the outset of optometric vision therapy:  The Re-Launching of Christopher Walter.  But the best thing of all was reading the Thank You card that Christopher’s mother wrote along with home-made cookies she brought in for our staff:

CW Thank You Card

“To Everyone at Family Eyecare – In this season of Thanksgiving, how appropriate for us to express our thankfulness to all of you!  For the friendly, helpful office staff – with scheduling help and helping us navigate the ins & outs with our insurance!  For the amazing therapists who worked every week with Christopher – with patience and love.  For the doctors who also worked with Christopher to bring about what we think is nothing short of miraculous!  Thank you all so much!  With our deepest gratitude and affection – Kip, Lisa, & Christopher Walter.”

Christopher had developed accommodative esotropia, and with his loss of binocular vision and stereoscopic depth perception came a great degree of caution and a loss of self-confidence.  Uncharacteristically he began to shy away from taking risks.  While conducting his progress evaluation yesterday, at which time we felt all goals for normalizing head-to-toe binocular vision were met after 8 months of weekly therapy, Christopher’s mom, Danielle and I were weepy-eyed.  Christopher’s mom because she had the little boy back that she once knew — and then some.  Danielle and I because we grew to think of Christopher as our own.  For all this and more, we are infinitely thankful.

10 thoughts on “Infinitely Thankful

  1. It is a wonderful gift we have that enables us to improve the quality of life for so many patients! Thanks for sharing yet another sucess!!!!! Best wishes, Diana

  2. Dr Press:
    For Thanksgiving every year, my family has a solemn tradition where we go around the table and each one of us speaks for just a few minutes, telling everyone what we are thankful for during the previous year. It is an important (and frequently revealing) few minutes. Every single year, I have said that I am thankful for the vision therapy that you and your staff gave to me and the profound impact it has had on my life (and thus the lives of my husband and daughter).
    Pamela Kohn
    P.S. I frequently tell my physicians how important vision therapy has been to me. May I print the articles from your site and share them with physicians and other family members (particularly those I am very much trying to get into V.T.)?

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