Brain Balance


Brain Balance Centers.  Chances are you either have one in your neighborhood, or there will be one coming to your vicinity soon.  It is one of the hottest franchise ideas of its kind, particularly in the world of chiropractic.  The director of our local area’s Brain Balance Center visited our practice, and I put her card aside until an email today from Dr. Nate Bonilla-Warford reminded me of the BBC.  Pioneered by Robert Mellilo, D.C ., a chiropractor from Ronkonkoma, NY, Brain Balance has been heavily influenced by Gerald Leisman.

The name Gerald Leisman might ring a bell.  He edited a marvelous book way back in 1976 titled Basic Visual Processes and Learning Disability.  It included contributions by optometrists George Milkie, Director of Study Groups for OEP; Stephen MIller, Projects Coordinator for the AOA; and Arthur Seiderman, a private practitioner in Pennsylvania.  I’m not sure when Melillo and Leisman began collaborating, but one of their earliest pieces was: Melillo, R. and Leisman G. Inattention and Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood. in: S. Super (Ed.) Intention, Attention, Inattention, and Neglect.Series on Neuro-Optometry, Santa Ana, CA: Optometric Extension Program 2005 pp. 80-91.

So with that background, you can appreciate this information about vision therapy on the Brain Balance blog:

The info is kind of a left-handed endorsement, which surprises me a bit.  As you’ll note on their site, and from their Pinterest page, the claims for what the BBC treats are ambitious.  Seems like more balance would benefit their posture toward vision.  At the very least, there is opportunity for synergy in Brain Balance and Optometric Vision Therapy complementing one another.



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